Peter Archibald Photography: Blog en-us (C) Peter Archibald Photography (Peter Archibald Photography) Fri, 26 Jan 2024 04:29:00 GMT Fri, 26 Jan 2024 04:29:00 GMT Peter Archibald Photography: Blog 120 79 Narrabeen Ocean Pool Narrabeen BeachNarrabeen BeachCalmed Waters Narrabeen LagoonNarrabeen LagoonTide going out Narrabeen Ocean PoolNarrabeen Ocean Pool I spent a few days at Narrabeen to take shots of the Ocean pool and various north shore beach's and pools from Palm Beach and down to Long Reef. Weather was not great for beach activities but with heavy seas and overcast skies it was good for photography. The shots of Narrabeen Lagoon and the ocean pool were largely long exposures, either shot late afternoon with the aid of ND filters or at first light and sunrise. Sudden squall's and rain at Whale Beach made for good atmosphere. Finished with some shots of surfers in a very tight break about 60 metres off the edge of the ocean pool. Whale BeachWhale BeachCrashing Waves Narrabeen SurfersNarrabeen SurfersClose Call Whale Beach Ocean PoolWhale Beach Ocean PoolStormy Day Narrabeen Ocean PoolNarrabeen Ocean PoolFirst Light Narrabeen BeachNarrabeen Beach

(Peter Archibald Photography) Narrabeen Narrabeen Ocean Pool Northern Beaches Ocean Pools seascapes sunrise surfing Fri, 26 Jan 2024 04:28:50 GMT
Bronte Beach Sunrise Another visit to the ocean pools that dot the NSW coast. This time Bronte Beach well before sunrise, as expected despite the very early hour there were already swimmers in the pool. The pre-sunrise colours were accentuated by long exposures giving the sky a painted look and the swimmers slowly fading away. As sunrise approached the number on the beach and in the pool swelled quickly, an enjoyable morning finished off with a well earned breakfast at one of the local cafe's.

Bronte Ocean PoolBronte Ocean PoolSwimmers fading away under long exposures














Bronte Ocean PoolBronte Ocean PoolPainted Sky















Bronte Ocean PoolBronte Ocean PoolPainted Sky

Ocean poolsBronte Ocean PoolSunrise










Bronte Ocean PoolBronte Ocean PoolEarly morning swim Bronte Ocean PoolBronte BeachEarly morning surf

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City Views, Sydney and Brisbane Views of Sydney and Brisbane with an obvious focus on Sydney Harbour and the brown snake that is Brisbane River. So many vantage points to showcase the Harbour, Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. These shots taken from Kirribilli, Mrs Macquaries Point, Cremorne Point and Campbells Cove. Sydney Opera House Blue HourSydney Opera House Blue HourShot from Mrs Macquaries Point Sydney SkylineSydney SkylineCremorne Point Sydney HarbourSydney HarbourShot from Mrs Macquaries Point Sydney City ViewSydney City ViewSydney From Kirribilli Storey Bridge BrisbaneStorey Bridge BrisbaneLight Show

(Peter Archibald Photography) Brisbane City Views Lighthouse Lights Sunrise Sunset Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House Sun, 07 Aug 2022 00:55:22 GMT
Horse Head & Camel Rock Earlier this year I headed down the coast to Wallaga Lakes to get some shots off Horse head Rock SunriseHorse head Rock SunriseWattaga Beach Horse Head and Camel Rocks, a great stretch of coast line just north of Bermagui. I had planned the trip such that low tide coincided with sunrise so that I could shoot horse head rock from the beach, due to an abundance of common sense and age this plan did not eventuate. I went down to the beach on the afternoon of my arrival to scope out the path to the rock, after 20mins or so of scrambling over sharp volcanic rock I paused to reconsider, do it by myself in the dark? time for plan B. Early the next morning I walked up the track to the viewing platform disturbing wallabies along the way. A much better option for a photographer of more advanced years. I stayed at Wallage Lakes Caravan Park, very convenient. Smooth WatersSmooth WatersCamel Rock Sunset
Silken WatersSilken WatersCamel Rock Beach Horse Head & Camel RockHorse Head & Camel RockWallaga

(Peter Archibald Photography) Camel Rock coastlines Horse Head Rock seascapes Sunrise Mon, 27 Jun 2022 06:12:22 GMT
After The Rain After the drenching NSW endured over the last few weeks I headed out to a couple of my favourite ocean pools, Oak Park at Cronulla and Mahon Pool at Maroubra. The effect of the East Coast Low was still being felt with huge swells and pounding surf particularly at Mahon a few brave souls turned up with their towels but soon settled down to just watch the action. The shots at Mahon were stated before sun rise and the long exposure smoothed the waters, I wanted to capture the pounding waves so switched to a fast shutter speed. The resulting high ISO gave plenty of noise in the images, most of which I dealt with some more work required here.


Mahon Ocean PoolMahon Ocean PoolViolet Sky Crashing WavesCrashing WavesMahon Ocean Pool SunriseSunriseMistral Point Into the waterInto the waterOak Park

(Peter Archibald Photography) Sat, 12 Mar 2022 02:43:08 GMT
Central Coast Images Long Jetty SunriseLong Jetty SunriseCentral Coast NSW I have been travelling past the Central Coast for years without ever stopping to visit, a mistake. The coast line is dramatic and interesting from Caves Beach down to Bouddi NP. The rain towards the end of our stay hampered things somewhat but we did get to visit the majority of sites that I had researched, need to return and get some improved shots of the Bouddi Coast Walk and Caves Beach in particular. Swirling SandstoneSwirling SandstoneBouddi Coast Walk Entrance SunriseThe Entrance SunriseThe Entrance Central Coast Catherine Hill Bay B&WCatherine Hill Bay B&WCentral Coast NSW

(Peter Archibald Photography) bouddi np central coast coast lines seascapes sunrise Sat, 13 Nov 2021 04:14:07 GMT
RNP Coast Walk, Wattamolla A very targeted approach today. Earlier this year I completed an on line course with the Photography Institute, it closed some technical gaps in my knowledge and gave some renewed enthusiasm. Once completed I signed up for an advanced module in landscape and travel photography, no written components but a lot of images to present in a wide variety of locations. I initially thought I could move through it quite quickly but a look at the tutors web site and his approach to his photography and I realised that I needed to improve my own work, ( the purpose of taking on the course). One of the nominated locations was to photograph a well know walking trail, the RNP coastal track was an obvious choice given my proximity to the park. I chose the section starting from Wattamolla to take advantage of the winding board walk, not the best weather and I will return. I also took the opportunity to shoot a couple of long exposure HDR shots at the beach on my way back.


(Peter Archibald Photography) coast walk landscapes royal national park seascapes wattamolla Tue, 15 Jun 2021 05:47:06 GMT
Canberra Scenes Lake Burley GriffinLake Burley GriffinCanberra Scenes We recently spent a few days in Canberra with the principle reason for the trip to catch the Botticelli to Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery. I took the opportunity to take a few shots along Queen Elizabeth Terrace, I had intended to get up for sunrise shots but laziness and sub zero temps got the better of me.I am always amazed at how empty these grounds are, once out of the gallery there were very few people around. We also visited the National Museum and after the rather brutal concrete structures of the parliament area the museum architecture was a welcome relief, colour and odd angles make for a very interesting building. National Museum CanberraNational Museum CanberraA very interesting building
Canberra ScenesCanberra ScenesGloomy day in Canberra

Lake Burley GriffinLake Burley GriffinAnother view

(Peter Archibald Photography) canberra lake burley griffin lake george Sun, 13 Jun 2021 03:21:36 GMT
Ross Jones Rock Pool, Coogee Back to an early morning start and ocean pools. This time the Ross Jones Rock Pool at Coogee, I had researched this pool and was looking forward to photographing it at high tide, I set out early morning to coincide with a 1.64 metre high tide at sun rise. I should have also checked the swell,  arrived at 5am to crashing waves making finding a good position to take my shots from a bit difficult. With a bit of wading and waiting for the right moment perched myself on an elevated rock level with the pools to take some early shots, still fully dark but the lighting from the walkways behind me illuminated the pools. Winter or summer I am used to these ocean pools attracting swimmers, yet to find one without at least one hardy soul in for a early dip. Coogee however is crowded, swimmers, joggers, dog walkers and of course more photographers meant that I had to choose my moments. The swimmers are in nearly every shot albeit slowing fading away under the influence of a long exposure time, as sun rise approached the tide rose and the swell died down but the number of people increased, might try a high tide at late evening. My favourite shots were in the blue hour, the walkway lighting and the sun just below the horizon gave great light, very little left to do with these shots.

Ross Jones Rock PoolRoss Jones Rock PoolCoogee before dawn

Ross Jones Rock PoolRoss Jones Rock PoolCoogee before dawn











Ross Jones Rock PoolRoss Jones Rock PoolCoogee Blue Hour

(Peter Archibald Photography) Thu, 11 Mar 2021 03:51:13 GMT
Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains and using Nik Software On my way to Hartley Vale I stopped at Blackheath to take a few shots from the top of Govetts Leap. Once home, ( Hartley Vale was a wash out), I set about processing the raw images in Lightroom, an overcast day the images were OK but nothing overly dramatic.

This is where using the Nik software suite comes into play, for an amateur like myself a quick approach to building more intensity and drama into an image is invaluable. I use the Nik software within photoshop as this allows the different modules to be added as a layer within the one image rather than multiple images. The three shots below show the image as processed in Lightroom and two more, one using tone mapping in HDR Effex and the third using Silver Effex for a B&W conversion.

A note of caution, the resulting TIFF files can be quite large, an image that is processing with Raw pre-sharpening followed by the noise.    

module Define and finished say with Colour effex can be close to 1GB in size.

Govetts LeapGovetts LeapGovetts Leap, Processed in Lightroom Govetts LeapGovetts LeapTone Mapping HDR Effex

Govetts LeapGovetts LeapSilver Effex

(Peter Archibald Photography) Blue Mountains Landscapes Nik Software Sun, 07 Feb 2021 04:55:49 GMT
Black & White Photography I survived the Covid 19 lockdown with relative ease by just getting on with my various woodworking projects, however photography excursions did suffer. With the easing of restrictions, ( Sydney anyway), I am now getting out and about. I decided to try my hand at B&W photography and I must say I am enjoying it very much. Oak Park StormOak Park StormOak Park Cronulla

In my reading on the subject it is strongly emphasised that the critical component of B&W photography is learning to recognise what scene will work in B&W and this has certainly been the case. I created a new gallery for B&W and will continue to populate it, I have even gone back to some old photos and processed them in B&W, the advantage of shooting in raw. Blacksmith B&WBlacksmith B&WBlacksmith Sovereign Hill Storm over Bear IslandStorm over Bear IslandBear Island La Perouse

(Peter Archibald Photography) Black and White Photography seascapes Mon, 03 Aug 2020 09:23:23 GMT
Fairy Bower Falls, Bundanoon Morton National Park is a fantastic asset, at almost 200,000 hectares it can be accessed from Fitzroy falls near Robertson, Milton on the South Coast and Bundanoon. From the Bundanoon entrance you can take walks down into the valley or lookout over it from various vantage points, there is also of course Fairy Bower Falls and the old Erith coal mine site. This was my second visit to photograph the falls and I am still not completely happy with the outcome, difficult to get a good shot of the whole of the falls. Both of my visits have been early morning and this the sun shining on the top of the falls the contrast between top and bottom is significant, a visit later in the day is in order. Access is via a short walk, (1.1kms), that cuts across a water weathered rock shelf and small stream that feed the falls. The walk out is slightly more difficult, uphill for most of the way Fairy Bower FallsFairy Bower FallsMorton National Park, Bundanoon

Silken WatersSilken WatersStream feeding Fairy Bower Falls Fairy Bower FallsFairy Bower FallsMorton National Park, Bundanoon

(Peter Archibald Photography) Sun, 23 Jun 2019 05:34:53 GMT
Malabar Ocean Pool With the ongoing plan to continue to photograph Sydney's ocean pools, ( it is looking like a long project), I recently visited Malabar Ocean Pool. A different feel and outlook for this pool with the sun rising over the headland across from the pool, a return trip during the summer months is in order to get a direct view of the sun rising. Like all of the pools that I have visited to date it is obviously a favourite with locals, I was there at first light and there were swimmers in the pool, judging from the gasps and muttered curses as new swimmers entered the water the temperature had clearly dropped. Malabar Ocean PoolMalabar Ocean PoolEarly Morning Angler Morning SwimMorning SwimMalabar Ocean Pool

(Peter Archibald Photography) Ocean Pool Seascapes Sunrise Sun, 23 Jun 2019 02:51:18 GMT
Birdlife Royal National Park Decided to head down to the Royal National Park recently for a walk and to see what new birds may present themselves. Headed down Lady Carrington drive and almost immediately noticed a group of birds clustered in a fig tree. At the time they were all at the lower branches of the tree but as usual as I approached they quickly moved to the top most branches making the chances of getting a decent shot low, a patient wait however did result in some reasonable photos revealing Satin Bowerbirds enjoying a feed of the figs. I was quite pleased as this was a new species for me to capture, It prompted me to go back over the birds that I have managed to photograph over the years in the park and what a fantastic asset the park is. From Coots and Pelicans to Honeyeaters and Kingfishers the park is home to a wide variety of birdlife, below are a selection of some of the birds I have come across. Click on the thumb nails and it will take you to the larger picture. Eurasian CootEurasian CootAudley, Royal National Park PelicanPelicanAudley Royal National Park Great Eastern EgretGreat Eastern EgretTaken at Wattle Flat, Royal National Park New Holland Honey EaterNew Holland Honey EaterCurra Moors track, Royal National Park Little Wattle BirdLittle Wattle BirdTaken at the Curra Moors track, Royal National Park Eastern Yellow RobinEastern Yellow RobinYellow Breasted Eastern Robin, Uloola Falls Track RNP Azure KingfisherAzure KingfisherTaken at Wattle Flat, Royal National Park. It took two visits before I managed to capture this shot. "White Faced Heron"White Faced HeronWhite Faced Heron, Hacking River Audley White Faced HeronWhite Faced HeronHacking River Royal National Park White Faced HeronWhite Faced HeronToo Close!!! Lyre BirdLyre BirdLady Carrington Drive, Royal National Park Golden WhistlerGolden WhistlerTaken at The Forest Path, Royal National Park King ParrotKing ParrotFemale King Parrot, Audley Drying TimeDrying TimeGreat Cormarants, Hacking River Audley Great CormarantGreat CormarantDrying time, Hacking River Audley Satin BowerbirdSatin BowerbirdFig Tree Flat, Royal National Park

(Peter Archibald Photography) azure kingfisher birdlife pelican royal national park satin bowerbird white faced heron Sun, 03 Mar 2019 03:52:37 GMT
Austinmer Ocean Pools Austinmer Ocean PoolsAustinmer Ocean PoolsStill Waters After a bit of a break from early morning starts I headed down to Austinmer to catch the sun rise over the ocean pools. Timing was good and I arrived just before first light to set up and capture the changes as the sun rose. Early shots were long exposures aided at first light by back lighting from the change facilities behind me. As the sun started to appear it was obvious that an early morning sea mist was going to mask much of the sunrise. None the less I was happy with some of the shots that I was able to get, like most of the ocean pools along the coast the Austinmer pools are well frequented and given the hot summer days even more so that morning. Some careful timing and positioning required to avoid getting blurred images of swimmers in the shots. Austinmer Ocean PoolsAustinmer Ocean PoolsFirst Light Austinmer
Austinmer Ocean PoolsAustinmer Ocean PoolsCrashing Waves







Austinmer Ocean PoolsAustinmer Ocean PoolsGreeting The Sun

(Peter Archibald Photography) Austinmer Ocean Pools sunrise Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:49:35 GMT
Spring Road Trip, Birdlife and Landscapes Yellow RosellaYellow RosellaEchuca Vic Following on from our Autumn road trip we decided to back it up with a spring trip this time following the Murrimidgee River, ( part of the way), till it joined up with the Murray. A great trip stopping at Griffith, Balranald and Echuca, the size and extent of the Murrimidgee Irrigation Area was an eye opener.

The effect of the current drought was most evident in the National Parks due to the extensive use of irrigation throughout this area. The Hay plains and areas around Balranald were the noticeable standout with barren paddocks occupied by sheep clearly struggling with a lack of feed, by contrast adjacent paddocks were green although I suspect that these are only young shoots that will struggle unless rain is forthcoming. A visit to Yanga NP is well worthwhile, both for the Yanga Homestead and shearing shed last used in 2005. A real surprise was Yanga Lake, I had no idea that such a substantial lake would be found in this are although the level is low at the moment, Benanee Lake at Euston was a similar surprise.

The impact of the drought was reflected in the lack of diversity in the birdlife, although the whistling kite population was very healthy. None the less got some good shots of Mulga and Red Rumped Parrots as well as Yellow Rosellas, Blue faced Honeyeaters also faring well. Overall a very interesting trip.
Red Rumped ParrotRed Rumped ParrotYanga NP, Balranald

Lake YangaLake YangaYanga NP
Murrimidgee RiverMurrimidgee RiverBalranald NSW Mulga ParrotMulga ParrotCocoparra NP Griffith

(Peter Archibald Photography) birdlife landscapes Thu, 27 Sep 2018 07:20:30 GMT
Cathedral Rocks, Kiama revisited  An opportunity to have a short stay at Kiama recently came up so I jumped at it and picked the date to coincide with low tide at Cathedral Rocks. My previous visit was a medium tide so I was looking forward to a change in perspective.

It was a very clear sky in the morning and the usual challenges of the strong contrast between the black volcanic rock and the sky were very evident, getting better at managing this but still some work to do. I love the changing light and colours from first light to full sunrise, this location will always lend itself to dramatic pictures. I also took in Bombo quarry and will revisit for some early morning shots, Kiama and the surrounding area is a pleasure to visit the water was clear and cold. Cathedral RocksCathedral RocksSilken Waters Cathedral RocksCathedral RocksSunrise at Cathedral Rocks

(Peter Archibald Photography) seascape sunrise cathedral rocks" Mon, 20 Aug 2018 06:47:14 GMT
White-Faced Heron I spent a fascinating hour or more watching and photographing this White-Faced Heron fishing for immature yabbies in the Hacking River, Royal National Park. He would stir the river bed then quickly pounce. He was quite comfortable with my presence as long as I stayed outside of roughly a 6 metre boundary. The second shot shows his reaction when I crossed this boundary. It was well worth the scramble down from Lady Carrington Drive to the river bank, a very peaceful morning. "White Faced Heron"White Faced HeronWhite Faced Heron, Hacking River Audley White Faced HeronWhite Faced HeronToo Close!!!

(Peter Archibald Photography) birdlife royal national park white-faced heron Sun, 08 Jul 2018 02:54:04 GMT
Mahon Ocean Pool Sunrise Another early morning start at a new location for me, Mahon ocean pool Maroubra. An excellent spot with an attractive pool surrounded by a jumble of large rock formations. The pool is obviously well frequented by the locals with several swimmers in place even before sunrise, some careful timing and selective choice of camera angles to avoid intruding on the swimmers. Spoilt with choice for shots with both the pool itself and the rock formations providing plenty of atmosphere, aided by a glorious sunrise and some nice cloud formations. An easy location to get to with a carpark close by and a nice cafe across the road for a well deserved breakfast later in the morning. Thanks goes to and the contributing photographer for the excellent write up on this location, best time to visit would be mid to high tide. Golden LightGolden LightMahon Pool Sunrise Sun BurstSun BurstMahon Pool Sunrise

(Peter Archibald Photography) ocean pools seascapes sunbeams sunrise Sun, 03 Jun 2018 02:21:54 GMT
Autumn Road Trip, Landscapes As noted on the previous post we have just returned from a road trip, Sydney>Broken Hill and surrounds> Kinchega National Park, Mungo NP and then on to Mildura, Swan Hill and Ballarat before heading home. Some great sights an SilvertonSilvertonSilverton Station, remains of the tramway Mungo LunetteMungo LunetteMungo NP Mungo Shearing ShedMungo Shearing ShedMungo NP d experiences.

Broken Hill was a surprise, a nice town split by mines and a giant mullock heap.Over 800 fatalities since 1883 and I doubt if this included the men who died an early death from lung diseases and lead poising. The youngest fatality was a 12 year old boy asphyxiated from blasting fumes. The Darling river is not in good health and a lot of very strong views in the area regarding the cotton farmers, a lot of anger. Kinchega and Mungo NP in particular were fascinating, Mungo is a living archaeological site and the cultural tour of the Lunette by an indigenous ranger was fascinating.

Living DesertLiving DesertBroken Hill






Some further shots can be found in the portfolio, Scenes Australia

(Peter Archibald Photography) broken hill"silverton"kinchega"np"mungo"national"park"murray"river" landscapes Wed, 16 May 2018 06:49:38 GMT
Autumn Road Trip, Apostlebirds and Blue Faced Honeyeaters Blue Faced HoneyeaterBlue Faced HoneyeaterShot at Mildura, Victoria Whistling KiteWhistling KiteGliding above the Murray River, Mildura Just returned from a road trip out to Broken Hills, then south to Mildura stopping at Kinchega and Mungo National parks. Continued on to Ballarat before heading back to Sydney. I was hoping for some extensive bird life however the drought is biting hard and once past Cobar by far the most common bird sighted were flocks of  crows feasting on the road kill. Some improvement once we started to head south.

The Apostle birds were plentiful at Mungo NP, their actual colouring is grey the orange tint is the result of a blazing sunset and the red earth. a solitary Mulga Parrot was also spotted along with Blue Faced Honeyeaters, however it was not until we reached Mildura that I was able to get a shot of them. They were being hounded by the local Noisy Mynahs who eventually forced them down from the upper reaches of the gums, hence the rather apprehensive looks upwards. The Whistling Kites were plentiful nesting along the banks of the Murray River.

ApostlebirdApostlebirdMungo NP Mulga ParrotMulga ParrotMungo NP ApostlebirdApostlebirdMungo NP

(Peter Archibald Photography) birds bluefaced"honeyeaters"mulga"parrot"whistling"kite Wed, 16 May 2018 06:15:46 GMT
High Tide at Oak Park Sea Baths, Cronulla Nearly 12 months since I last headed down to Oak Park sea baths. A preferred location around Cronulla as parking is close and plentiful, you would think this should not be a consideration at 5.30 in the morning, a sign of the times we are living in.

I decided to pay another visit as high tide was coinciding with sunrise. The high tide certainly added some atmosphere, ( along with wet feet), but alas sunrise was pretty much of a non-event as the day revealed itself as heavily overcast and grey. I decided to play around with processing in black and white, ( with limited success), nonetheless  a different approach and one I may explore more often. Oak Park Sea BathsOak Park Sea BathsHigh tide on a dull and gloomy morning

(Peter Archibald Photography) seascapes sunrise Thu, 15 Mar 2018 04:30:12 GMT
Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Sunrise at Cathedral Rocks Kiama on the NSW south Coast. My first trip down there and it will not be the last, these shots were all taken from the northern side on a rock shelf at medium tide. For future visits I will move gradually around to the south side, (including the cave), which will reveal the second rock formation, best access is at low or medium tides. 

Thanks go to photographers Matt Donovan and William Patino whose posts on the rocks provide excellent information and of course some excellent shots, as William notes this is a location that warrants repeated visits.


"Cathedral Rocks Kiama"Cathedral RocksSunrise at Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Cathedral RocksCathedral RocksShades of Mordor

(Peter Archibald Photography) seascapes"landscapes"cathedral"rocks" sunrise Fri, 09 Feb 2018 02:03:19 GMT
Austinmer Sunrise Made my second trip down to Austimer, ( Coastal town south of Sydney), to catch the sunrise. An earlier start this time meant I actually made it first light. I started at the northern end of the main beach and then moved around the headland to little Austimer beach. In retrospect I should have reversed the order, a plan for the next time.

Good colour as the sun came up and clear skies, looking at the shots I took I need to do more with the foreground. The dark colouring of the rock shelf makes for a strong contrast, better composition would also help. Another learning experience.


Austinmer SunriseAustinmer SunriseSunrise over Austinmer beach

Austinmer SunriseAustinmer SunriseSunrise over Austinmer beach


(Peter Archibald Photography) austinmer landscape sunrise Fri, 15 Sep 2017 05:56:34 GMT
Travels in North America Just recently returned from a busy 8 week trip to Canada and the US. A very enjoyable trip with fantastic locations and some stunning scenery, also a good learning experience. I left with a shopping list of locations for photography, I quickly found that I was somewhat over optimistic. A tight travel schedule does not lend itself to finding the time required for good photography at the right time of the day, none the less I have added some shots that I trust give a feel for the trip and the locations visited.

Highlights, travelling in the Canadian Rockies. Stunning scenery is all around and even driving down the highway is a visual experience, Alaska was another standout. The Denali State Park is must to visit albeit the opportunity to explore it at depth is very limited. Given that it is actually a wild life reserve this is understandable, from the parks bus that we travelled in we spotted multiple Grizzly Bears, Caribou, Moose and Elk. 


Vermillion Lakes, Banff Canada                                                                                            Denali State Park

Denali ScenesDenali ScenesDenali State Park, Alaska Vermillion LakesVermillion LakesEvening Reflections

(Peter Archibald Photography) alaska canada landscape Fri, 15 Sep 2017 04:40:25 GMT
Bola Creek, Royal National Park Following some heavy rain, ( with more to follow),I decided to head down and see if I could get some shots of Bola Creek. These were taken on the Walumarra track, I was balanced somewhat precariously on a rock in the middle of the creek crouching over the tripod. The rather dim light of the morning and heavy foliage allowed for some slow shutter speeds on the second shot. The forecast rainfall came early resulting in a soggy exit.



Flowing WaterFlowing WaterBola Creek, RNP on the Walumarra track Flowing WaterFlowing WaterBola Creek, RNP on the Walumarra track

(Peter Archibald Photography) bola creek nature photography royal national park Sat, 10 Jun 2017 01:47:07 GMT
Dawn Shots Oak Park Cronulla After many years of very early starts for work I was surprised how quickly I adopted a more leisurely approach to getting up in the mornings once I retired, 6.30 is hardly a great sleep in but it is too late for early morning photography. 

Some discipline was clearly required so I made my plan and was up by 4am and out the door shortly after. I arrived at Oak Park around 5.30am to some consistent rain, fortunately it ceased just before first light and I was able to set up in time to capture the sunrise. 

As the sun came up it revealed a somewhat dull and cloudy day, it was interesting however to see the changing colours as the sunrise progressed from first light, adjusting the white balance in post production also quickly changed the mood of the shots. One shortfall of the location is its proximity to Sydney Airport. it was only when I got home that I noticed the light trails across the horizon, however it was easily dealt with.

Now to plan the next early morning location.


Oak Park SunriseOak Park SunriseOak beach Cronulla Sunrise, Oak ParkSunrise, Oak ParkSunrise at Oak Park, Cronulla

(Peter Archibald Photography) Cronulla Oak Park Sea Baths Photography Sunrise Fri, 19 May 2017 06:14:23 GMT